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Dry Rot under the kitchen floor

July 8, 2011

Dry Rot under the kitchen floorboards

I thought you might like to have a look at a Dry Rot outbreak.

This little beasty was lurking under a suspended timber floor in the kitchen following a pipe leak. I hope you agree, it looks pretty creepy!!

The really unique aspect of Dry Rot is that it develops feeding pipes called strands from the original damp area, right up to the “growth front”. This allows the fungus to spread over dry surfaces in search for other damp areas to colonize. This characteristic is something other timber rotting fungi can’t do, hence the name Dry Rot. All other timber rotting fungi are called Wet Rots because they remain very much rooted to the area of wet timber.

The best way to tackle Dry Rot is to remove the source of moisture and then to initiate rapid drying to the affected area. Specialist help is then required for the remedial work which can be very costly. The cost of the outbreak in the photo above was around £6,000.

To prevent such an outbreak is simple…regular home maintenance and prompt attention to anything damp.

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