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The Lascar data logger is my new gadget!

September 9, 2011

The EL-USB-2LCD+ data logger

Digital technology is making the building surveyor’s job a lot easier these days. For many years I’ve had a digital damp meter, a digital thermo-hygrometer and a Leica Disto Laser tape.

The new gadget in my tool box is Lascar’s relative humidity and temperature data logger (Model EL-USB-2-LCD+). Follow the link:

The data logger is only 125mm long and is used to measure the relative humidity, air temperature and dew point temperature of an environment suspected of having condensation. The device can be set to take readings at various intervals and can be left to record for over 1 year.

Inserting the data logger into the USB port

Once the data logger has been recording long enough, the logger is then connected to the USB port of the PC and the data is downloaded automatically and exported onto an Excel graph. Software for the device is held on a CD and comes with the product.

Since the graph shows relative humidity against the dewpoint and air temperatures, if the air temperature falls below the dew point temperature, then active condensation has been proven.

Once the condensation season gets under way next month (October), I’ll put the data logger to work monitoring a large attic. The owner tells me they’ve had condensation type symptoms for years.

I’ll give this product 10/10!!

The data logger is currently under a floorboard

Oh by the way, if you’re wondering where the Data Logger is now, it’s under a floorboard in Hendon – very James Bond!! The logger will be taking hourly readings for the next week, to confirm high water vapour under the floor due to penetrating dampness.

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  1. This is amazing stuff, its good to be inside the know.

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