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Accurate drawings are key to damp diagnosis

September 23, 2011

Scaled drawing of damp wall

My approach to dampness

A few months ago I was asked to have a look at a particularly troublesome damp problem. The owner was becoming increasing exasperated at the continuing dampness despite two lots of costly remedial treatment.

When investigating dampness it’s rarely the case that a single issue is the cause. More often several factors conspire to bewilder and bamboozle.

One excellent way of breaking down the various issues is to prepare a scaled drawing. I like to use cross-sectional drawings but the type of drawing largely depends upon the type of dampness. A quick sketch of a wall is a vital first step in pin-pointing the epicentre.

The problem I was called upon to investigate required a lot of head scratching. However, the process of drawing an accurate sketch not only revealed the issues, but also helped track down the damp pathways.

The issues identified in the drawings included:

1. The poor surface water drainage

2. The position of the air vent in relation to the ground and the rain water pipe

3. The relative positions of the ground levels

4. The height of rise of dampness relative to the timber floor

5. The proximity of the air vent to the dampness on the wall

6. The likely direction of the damp pathways

And finally…

Once a drawing has been prepared, it provides a great way of explaining the problem to the home owner. Getting the home owner to understand the damp problem is an important first step in solving it!


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