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What is Terrazzo flooring?

October 17, 2011

A restored terrazzo floor

Terrazzo is a composite flooring made of small marble or aggregate chippings set in a coloured cement paste. The finished surface is then finely ground and polished to reveal the natural colours of its ingredients.

Terrazzo can be created using the poured in-situ method or by laying factory made tiles bedded onto a tile adhesive, normally of cement mortar.

Companies undertaking terrazzo work would normally belong to the NFTMMS (National Federation of Terrazzo, Marble and Mosaic Specialist). Founded in 1933, it aims to maintain and improve the standards of craftsmanship and technical control of its members.

The photo above was supplied with kind permission from South Western Flooring. They specialise in many types of traditional flooring systems including terrazzo, Victorian tiling and wood block. Check out their website and their excellent Photo Gallery tab. They’ll undertake restoration work to the highest standards throughout the UK.

A well restored terrazzo floor such as the one photographed will create a wonderful first impression for your home and in my view, add significantly to the property’s value.


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