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Property refurbishments are often BODGED!

February 13, 2012

Very poor quality felt roof covering to newly refurbished house

If nothing else my blog guarantees you obtain the very latest news from the residential property front line! With this in mind, I thought I’d show you some photos of properties I surveyed this week in North London.

The photos show bodging at its finest and be completely assured that the cowboys who did this work are probably marketing property near you!

Upon collecting the keys from the estate agent’s office prior to the survey (photo above showing the flat roof), I asked the salesman what the house was like. He replied, the property has been fully refurbished and is in very good condition…enjoy!!

Expanding foam used to seal the chimney pots

The reason for showing you these photos is to first warn you of the risks of buying a refurbished property and secondly the even greater risk of not getting a Chartered Surveyor to carry out a Homebuyer Report.

The really annoying thing about these properties I surveyed this week was that they were both being sold for top money!

I would therefore like to give you the benefit of my experience and list my top 5 refurbishment bodges.

1.            A property with high spec finishes but old electrical wiring left in place.

2.            Defective lath and plaster ceilings re-skimmed with plaster.

3.            Fully refurbished interior but defective roof coverings.

4.            Two bathrooms and a combination boiler.

5.            Timber decking to the back garden?

Plastic bags used to seal the chimney pots

With the house hunting season just around the corner be very sceptical of newly refurbished properties and get a Chartered Surveyor to take a look!

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  1. C.Duke permalink

    Excellent article!

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