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Finding original glass for window repairs

July 22, 2012

Genuine 8mm reeded glass in a leaded window

When undertaking repairs to leaded or stained glass windows you’ll quickly find that the old types of glass that are used to decorate Victorian and Edwardian houses are no longer available.

In my previous post (Where to buy authentic glass roundels), I mentioned that specialist glass artisans can make small individual pieces such as the roundels, but for authentic sheet glass, it’s a case of either trying to find a modern equivalent or tracking down some old panes from glass merchants.

I struck gold some weeks ago when I tried to find some original 8mm reeded glass for my front door panels, see photo for an example.

The 8mm reeded is no longer made so you have to either use the modern 6mm or 10mm reeded, which has a different look and is a poor match.

An original piece of English Muffle glass

I’m now on the hunt for some English Muffle glass which again is no longer made and can only be obtained by finding old pieces of glass, see photo opposite.

With regards the panel I’m having made up, I’ll hope to have a finished glass panel to show you in a few days…

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