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Brick matching is vital when extending your home

February 4, 2014

Bricks old and newWhen planning an extension to the house, make sure the correct bricks are used for the main walls. Getting the right bricks for the extension will be more expensive, but the additional cost will be more than off-set by the added value to your home.

An extension I’ve been involved with recently has been made all the more authentic by ensuring that the bricks used are the same as those used in the house.

There are several reasons why brick matching is important.

  1. The new extension blends in with the existing,
  2. The old and new brick courses line up since the brick dimensions are the same,
  3. The chipped edges  of the bricks give a softer more irregular appearance and add to the visual effect,
  4. Since the extension looks more appealing, the extension actually adds value to the property. The added value should pay for the bricks!!

The bricks in the main photo were matched by Match-It and are the same bricks as the original. The original bricks are darker because of the build up of dirt over the years. It is anticipated that the lighter bricks of the extension will weather and darken over time.


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